3 Scientific Facts Behind Goal-Setting

by | Mar 6, 2021

“Your focus determines your reality.”
-George Lucas

It has been shown by countless studies that we spend most of our lives on auto-pilot, aimlessly wandering from task to task, day-in, and day-out. We are busier than ever and yet, feel like we’re accomplishing less. There never seems to be enough time, and our inability to launch into action paralyzes us into more inaction. With the future breathing down our necks and no set plan for the future, we continue on the path of least resistance. Why? Because it’s safe and familiar. This level of existence is so standard 83% of the US population doesn’t even set goals. That statistic is staggering, but it shouldn’t be surprising—most coast. And only a few wake up and decide to create a different reality for themselves actively.

The question now is, how do we get out of this self-made rut? And the answer is to start with pigheaded discipline (Holmes, 2007) when setting goals. It’s the catalysis to higher self-esteem, more motivation, increased confidence, a sense of independence, and inevitably more success (Locke and Lathan, 2006). So, let’s dive into the science behind goal-setting and begin building a roadmap to unprecedented success.

Fact #1: Goals change our brain. Studies show that when we train our minds to think about what we want in life and work towards achieving it, our impressionable brain actually begins to rewire itself in order to attain and achieve the image you’ve set forth.

Fact #2: Goals change the way we view the world. People with consistent goal-setting practices view the world in a more positive light and view challenges or failures are temporary setbacks rather than personal shortcomings or character flaws.

Fact #3: Getting real with our abilities isn’t as scary as it once was. To set action-oriented, SMART goals, you have to get honest with yourself. That means becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses so you can accurately choose the actions that align with achieving your goals. When you set goals, the evaluation process of where you are today and where you want to go becomes less emotional and more tactical.

Personal advice: I mentioned earlier “pigheaded discipline.” This concept comes from one of my new favorite authors, Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. It’s a powerful concept that you can apply today. Be relentless in the pursuit of your goals and attend this year’s Business Planning Workshop.

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