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  • 1-Hour Weekly Live Coaching Session Elite Coach, Brendan Bartic

  • Goal Tracking and Next-Level Accountability

  • 24/7 Access to Online Learning & Elite Group Coaching Vault

  • Results-Focused Activities and Video Tutorials

  • 30-Minute Weekly Role Play & Script Practice

  • Access to Our Private Facebook Page and a Powerful Referral Network of Top-Producing Real Estate Agents

  • Free Monthly Webinar Training & Exclusive 24/7 Access to Webinar Recordings

  • Annual Goal Setting Workshop


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Elite Group Coaching

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    Welcome to Group Coaching!

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    • Planets of Success

    • Planets of Success: Initial Evaluation

    • Your BIG WHY

    • BIG Why Accountability

    • 5 Commitments Sheet: KEY TERMS DEFINED

    • Your 5 Commitments and METS and HAVEN'T METS

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    • Lead Generation Daily Tracker

    • Weekly Coaching Focus Sheet

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    Agent Mastery Skills

    • Top Producer's Schedule

    • Morning MASTERY

    • Morning MASTERY


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Everything You Need to Know About Elite Group Coaching

  • How long do clients typically work with a coach?

    Most successful real estate agents and entrepreneurs find that coaching is the key to excellent performance, learning, achievement, and personal fulfillment. I ask my clients to make a commitment to a coaching program for a minimum of 3-6 months to see results.

  • What are the benefits of coaching?

    Avoid the avoidable mistakes most real estate agents and business owners make. Accomplish more than you would on your own. Achieve your goals more quickly. Learn strategies to draw business directly to you...Just to name a few.

  • How do I know if I need Elite Group Coaching or not?

    Agents regardless of production level can find enormous benefits from being a part of a group coaching program. I help agents scale their business so they earn more money, have more time, and invest in the things that really matter to them, all at a cost your business can afford.

  • What can I expect out of my coach?

    The results of the program are dependent upon you and your determination to not only follow the program but to also decide there are no excuses when it comes to you getting the results you really want.

  • When Does Group Coaching Start?

    Elite Group Coaching is scheduled for 60-minutes via Zoom on Wednesdays from 11 am - 12 pm, MST.

  • Are the group coaching sessions recorded?

    No. Group coaching is a live session that won't be recorded. It's highly recommended that you prioritize your schedule to ensure you don't miss out on your coaching session. Time blocking and setting reminders for yourself throughout the week will ensure maximum accountability and thus, maximum results.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Elite Group Coaching is a membership-based program. Payment is processed on a monthly basis. If you for whatever reason you'd like to cancel, please email Brendan at info@brendanbartic.com 30-days in advance of canceling your membership.